I met Sam Styles in 2017 at the 1st annual Black Joy Parade in Oakland ca. After photographing him riding down Telegraph avenue I managed to track him down. From there he allowed me to regularly visit the ranch and capture him at his passion. I was allowed to get to know not only him but the crew of riders that he has been able to manifest, Riding with Styles was soon born from this moment. Riding with Styles is a personal project documenting the environment that Sam Styles has created for anyone that steps onto the ranch. Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult he has worked to create as well as be a safe space for everyone. The Horses with Styles Crew is emblematic of this. You are family once you cross that threshold.  I have been working to document what it looks like when a man immerses himself in his passion as well as what it looks like when he extends it to others. 

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